Do you want healthy and practical juices to nourish your day? We delivery to you. Choose the monthly plan that most suits your profile and get everything there in the comfort of your home.

Cold pressed

With this technique, all our fruit and vegetables pass through a hydraulic press, which dispenses heating, pasteurizing and chemical treatment of the ingredients. Unlike traditional methods, the actual quality of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and living enzymes are completely preserved with this extraction method.


We decided to make your life easier! Now you can make a plan and get your juice at home.
The plan is monthly and the delivery is done on the combined day and time.

Check out the Plans below:



10 Juices

R$ 110 monthly

20 Juices

R$ 210 monthly



8 Juices

R$ 130 monthly

10 Juices

R$ 155 monthly

20 Juices

R$ 305 monthly

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